Child Health Information Network

Consult has been engaged by the NSW Health Department to assist in the engagement of GPs and Divisions of General Practice in the Greater Western Sydney area in the pilot of the the Child Health Information Network project.

This project is part of the Australian Government and the New South Wales Government’s trial project to develop electronic health records. HealthConnect is the Australian Government’s proposed system of electronic health records. The NSW program is called the NSW Electronic Health Project or “Health e-Link”.

The assignment objectives are to: understand the current situation in relevant Divisions of General Practice, including relationships, resources and initiatives; understand the current business situation for general practice, in terms of IT equipment and software resources, Commonwealth initiatives and incentives; identify the key “influencers” in each area; establish a process for engaging stakeholders; and establish commitment from all relevant stakeholders to participate in the pilot through memorandums of understanding and/or service level agreements.