Gerhard Malan (Transport planning, project management and web applications)
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Gerhard’s strengths include a broad understanding of the issues confronting the transport portfolio, an ability to obtain the support of disparate groups under controversial conditions and the ability to write clearly on technical subjects for a broad audience. Gerhard’s areas of expertise lie with project management, transport planning and design (rail, road, and air transport systems), highway rehabilitation, and urban and civil infrastructure.

Gilli Appleby (Health care management)

Gilli has a keen understanding of the public and private health service, in particular in the delivery of integrated care models. Experience of the primary health care services, with particular reference to chronic illnesses and general practice primary care service, was obtained while challenged with the position of Director, Integrated Care for the Hunter Area Health Service. Gilli also has extensive general management experience of the UK health service.

Neil Prosser  (Independent consultant, transport planning)
Neil is a specialist in strategic transport modelling and assessment, patronage demand and operational modelling, and event traffic and transport. He has worked on a range of complex projects such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the Parramatta Rail Link.

Faye Hargreaves (Linchpin Communications, community consultation and facilitation)
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Faye is an experienced environmental planner and has worked in both the transport and water industries. Fay acts as the link between integrated project teams and the wide variety of ordinary people with an interest in their work. She has worked with clients from all levels of government and the private sector, mostly assisting with the planning of major infrastrucure projects. Her experience includes road, rail, airport, water and gas projects. She also facilitates community workshops during strategic planning initiatives.