Sydney Metro Network Strategy

GM Consult today submitted its final report titled “Sydney Metro Network Strategy, Design and Engineering (including Constructability)” to SydneyMetro for the Sydney Metro Network Strategy.

The NSW Government is committed to developing a metro network in Sydney, and providing new, additional public transport to support and shape the large portion of growth that will occur in the middle and inner areas.

SydneyMetro is the NSW Government agency responsible for planning, delivering and commissioning the Sydney metro network. In the long-term, it will oversee the ongoing metro operations and dictate the service delivery standards to the private operator. The legislation SydneyMetro operates under is Part 6A of the Transport Administration Act, 1988 .

GM Consult Pty Ltd (GM Consult) was appointed in September 2009 by SydneyMetro to act as Design and Engineering (including Constructability) Consultant during the development of a Metro Strategy for Sydney.