Self-Management of Chronic Disease

GM Consult and Consan Consulting have won an assignment to evaluate the self-management of chronic disease for the NSW Health Department. Self-management programs are predominantly for people with a chronic illness, such as diabetes or asthma and programmes like these are being increasingly introduced both in Australia and overseas.

Self-management programs are about empowering patients to take greater control over their condition and to be more involved in planning their own care in partnership with their GP and other health care providers; because they have greater knowledge about their condition, they are able to make informed choices about the services they access and the lifestyle they lead. Self-management has proven to improve a person’s confidence and greater adherence to their plan of care and medication.

The NSW Health Department has taken the proactive step of developing a planned approach to ensure self-management programs for patients with a chronic illness are available in NSW. GM Consult in partnership with Consan Consulting will be leading this process over the coming months.